Corporate Structure

Our basic approach is to provide products and services which enhance customer productivity over the long term. It is vitally important that we maintain short lines of communication to the customer. Our customer focus can be represented symbolically in the form of a circle.

Direct contact with domestic and foreign customers takes place in the T domain channeled through the field teams in Amberg (TAD and AAD) and the local subsidiaries (TGS).  In cases where we have subsidiaries or partners outside of Germany, the process is described in the Locations section. In keeping with the proximity principle, the in-house team (TID) and services (TDL) in their role as service department have the option of contacting customers directly, but the sales team always remains the main point of contact. The R&D Department is always directly involved in new product and process development.

Products are manufactured by the steel fabrication (PSB) and sintered filter media (PSF) production organizations. The two streams are merged in final assembly (PEM). The entire production process for filtration systems including filter elements takes place under one roof.  Our business management section (K) has responsibility for admin activities and quality assurance which reports directly to Senior Management. QA monitors the quality of our products and our management system.

The depth of our manufacturing in Germany stands guarantee for the quality, flexibility and safety of our plant engineering.