Herding® Filtertechnik – pure productivity ...

...that not only means clean air, but also economic and ecological resource management. Herding GmbH Filtertechnik ensures that the productivity at the customer's shall be increased by Herding® products and services. Highly qualified employees put Herding into a position to offer first-hand analysis of customer's demands, advice, custom-made design and planning, production, installation, start-ups and the service of complete filter plants.


Herding GmbH Filter Technology has been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1995. Our focus on quality and our zero-defect philosophy are reflected in the following business policies:

Business policies

1. Safety has top priority
2. Compliance with applicable regulations
3. Ensure quality and performance
4. On-time delivery
5. Reduce cost   


Sustained development at Herding is based on our vision of pure productivity. The company is totally committed to its social responsibilities as a mid-tier employer and vocational training provider in the region. Each individual has the same importance and limitations of a personal, physical or other kind play no role for us. In recognition of this we received this year's award for good inclusion practice from the Jura Werkstätten association.

Our business practices and attitudes must reflect a sense of responsibility for our employees and the environment. It is our intention to create secure jobs which employees can identify with, because we are convinced that this approach enhances employee performance over the long term.

We continue to reduce our environmental impact throughout the production process and product lifecycle by minimizing our reliance on non-renewable energy and by delivering highly durable products. Herding® products are eco-friendly. They are designed to protect the air and water from harmful emissions and to ensure the well-being of future generations. We have an obligation to do this and we want to do it. Protecting the environment is a top priority at the company.

We also provide support to Amberg-Weiden University (OTH Amberg-Weiden). We develop innovative solutions in partnership with the university as well as with customers and suppliers.

As an accredited partner we meet the criteria of BLUECOMPETENCE, the sustainability initiative of the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Federation (VDMA), as of 2012. BLUECOMPETENCE stands for leadership in innovation and technology in the field of sustainable solutions in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. www.bluecompetence.net


Herding GmbH has been awarded the following commendations: