Series of Seminars planned

First event about fire- and explosion protection.

First event about fire- and explosion protection

Herding Filtertechnik held its first practical seminar on the 18/19 of September and the event was met with success. The target audience was management and professionals from the industrial sector, operators of de-dusting systems, specialists in the field of fire and explosion protection, health and safety and technical experts from a wide range of businesses.
The event was the first in a planned series of events that will deal with current and relevant issues in the area of filtration. The seminar consisted of a balanced combination of theoretical information- industrial safety regulations for the filtration industry- and the practical uses of it. The first day discussed current standards and new regulations in the area of fire and explosion protection, Measures to inspect in-use units and showed methods of bringing units up to date with the regulations and its expectations. The second day excited the participants with the live-show (explosions, live fire-extinguishing and firefighting methods)
Alongside the seminar coordinators and planners, Mr. Klaus Rabenstein (Dipl-Ing) and Ms. Ulrike Ruppert (Dipl-Ing) from Herding , external speaker had been invited to join from DEKRA EXAM GmbH ( Munich)and Rembe research+ Technology center GmbH (Brilon)
The two day  visit to Amberg was rounded off with the well planned and thought out supporting program, with a tour of Ambergs old city, a Dinner and the opportunity to network and for discussion in a pleasant atmosphere.
The planning and preparation for the next practical seminars has already begun. Which Themes and the details will be released in good time to register.